December 29th, 2009


My Christmas present to myself...

According to their website, I last used Fitbug back in 2006. Whilst I was using it, I was really keen to keep up with it, but - as with so many things - it fell by the wayside. Actually, thinking about it, I think the subscription had expired. That might have been why I stopped using it. Anyhow, I remember that whilst I had it, it made a difference. So I have just signed up for a year of Fitbug, and am currently waiting for my Bug to arrive through the post.

Is this yet another instance of me falling into something because it has the word "bug" in the name? Well, actually no. One of the things that made Fitbug so good to use was that it only required small changes in lifestyle in order to make a difference. It works on the concept of energy in versus energy out. Using the Bug to record activity, the website to record additional activity, food intake and weight, it determines whether you're taking in more energy than you're expending. It then uses this information, once it's built up a profile of your activity and food intake, to set you targets based on what you want to achieve.

For me, weight loss is secondary to how I feel. I want to feel (and be) fit and healthy. I believe that this is a big part of making it towards that. If I lose weight along the way, then all well and good.

One Laptop Per Child

OLPC XO-3 concept announced...

Just over a year ago, I got our XO-1 from the US, thanks to jena. See the posts I made about it here.

Well, it would seem that they've just announced the concept for the XO-3, which will be tablet-based.

Now, it's said that they're going to try and bring this in at under $100, and I've even seen the figure of $75 mentioned. If they decide to launch the Give One Get One scheme for this one - where I buy two laptops, I get one and a child in the developing world gets one - then I'm definitely on that bandwagon! :o)