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Well, what a weekend that was!
See here for details of what we spent did! ;o)

In other news, a taxi driver actually let me go first through a single track road this morning! Blimey, I nearly lost control of my senses (but not the car!) when he flashed his lights to let me go through first! :-o

Secondly, I sent off a Mensa home test last week, and I got the results through this morning. Suffice it to say that I will be sending off for my supervised test today! According to the results of my home test (which obviously I'm taking with a pinch of salt), I'm in the top 1%, with an IQ of 155! I'm not reading too much into that at the moment though. We shall see. :-)

Note to Junior: If you have no luck in that magazine, I can always recommend some friends! :o)
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