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Charlie's service... [Apr. 16th, 2003|10:28 pm]
The Love Bug
We went through Maidenhead on the way home from picking up Caroline this evening.

As we were passing through anyway, we figured we'd pop into Charters, the local Peugeot garage and put Charlie in for her 20,000 mile service.

They were really helpful, and the cost of the service wasn't too bad. I thought it was a timed appointment... "service-while-u-wait", but it turned out that it wasn't. Because I couldn't go anywhere (because I wouldn't have a car) they even offered to take me and Caroline into Maidenhead town to do some shopping whilst they were servicing the car.

Ain't that nice of them! :o)

From: princesswannabe
2003-04-16 03:48 pm (UTC)
Aww thats nice of them. If you take your car to the Dixon Ford just past the Wicker in Sheffield in the morning they'll give you a lift to work!
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