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Well, that was fun...

I was just driving over the Satchwell bridge in Slough, and this blue Ford Focus cuts me up and pulls in front of me. I let him know how much I didn't appreciate it by pressing down on the steering wheel lots of times. He looks back at me and puts his hand up as if to say "Sorry, but it was necessary." He then overtakes the next 5 or 6 cars by going into the hatched area.

My immediate reaction was, "What a dickhead."

Suddenly, a large white van zooms past on the hatched area, narrowly missing a road island by cutting up an almost identical Peugeot 206 in front of me, and then proceeds to zoom down the hatched area in pursuit of the Focus.

My reaction at this point was, "What the hell....?" It looked to me like a very dangerous cat and mouse chase.

As I came up to the Buckingham Avenue junction, a police car went zooming by. Things were starting to make sense now.

I pulled into Pets At Home, waiting for them to open so I could get some bedding for Ash, an Ambulance zoomed past in the same direction.

Now, I haven't got a clue what was going on, but it seemed serious!!!
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