The Love Bug (thelovebug) wrote,
The Love Bug

The Great Invite Code Giveaway...

Ladies and Gentlemen,

As promised, here is The Great Invite Code Giveaway. :o)

This where myself and Caroline want to give away a fair majority of our invite codes to people who can persuade us that they should have one! ;o)

What you need to do...
All you need to do, is fill in the poll below. Don't worry, only Caroline and I can see the result of this poll. If we decide your cause is just, we will create the journal on your behalf, using the email address you provide and a random password. If you are successful in getting a journal, the first thing you will need to do is change the password.

Please make sure that the username you want is available before you enter it in the poll. You can do this by trying to access the journal of that username at:

Your email address will not be used for any other purpose than to create your journal, and to email you about it.

Why don't we use the various codesharing communities?
It may seem as though the way we're doing this is a bit paranoid, but you have to bear in mind the following points:
  • The invite codes system was originally put in place by LiveJournal to control the growth of LiveJournal, and to reduce the possibility of abuse.
  • Any journals created from our invite codes are still linked to us in some way. I don't want a situation where we give a code away, and it to be wasted on someone who just wants to use it to troll, spam or abuse.
I hope you can understand the reasons why we're doing it this way. If you don't like this method, then you're free to visit the various codesharing communities that are available.

Besides which, this is more fun! :o)

UPDATE: All we're offering you is that we create a standard free user account on your behalf. This type of account will not gain you any paid user functionality. Sorry if this confused anyone.

Poll #131898 The Great Invite Code Giveaway

What username would you like to give for your new account? (max. 15 chars)

What kind of journal will it ultimately be?

Personal Journal
Community Journal

If it's a Community Journal, what will the community be about? (max. 255 chars)

Justification: Why should we give you this journal? (max. 255 chars)

Please leave your email address so we can email the details to you, should you be successful. This email address will also be used to create your new journal. (max. 100 chars)

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