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The Love Bug

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WHASSSSUPPPPP?!?!?! [Oct. 5th, 2000|07:00 pm]
The Love Bug
[Current Mood |geekygeeky]
[Current Music |Howard Jones - New Song]


Hey ho, it's Thursday evening, and I'm still at work... panicking 'cos I can't find 4 CD's I need to do a job tomorrow :-\

Tomorrow is Jeans for Genes Day, where most companies will relax their dress code and allow staff to wear their jeans into work for a £1 fee. Unfortunately, I have a client meeting in the morning, so I'm coming in in shirt and tie!!! LOL

Oh well, life is cruel sometimes :-)

My website is due it's first major upgrade since it went live in August. I've almost completed a PHP guestbook - written entirely from scratch, using my own logic and planning - which will hopefully look rather good :-) I know you won't see much of it from where you stand, but I'll know it's *all* my own work! ;-)

In addition, I'll also be introducing a few new sections to my site in the next month or so. These will be:

  • Gadgets - This will share with you my total love of gadgets...
  • Family - Well, I have a friends section, why not family??
  • Food - In keeping with my ever-present attempts to lose weight, I will be publishing some of my own rather snazzy food ideas in this section.

    That's all I have planned for the moment, 'cos Moo and I also need to sit down and design our Moobug site, which has been "Under Construction" for a fair few months as well! LOL

    Anyway, I'm gonna stop waffling, 'cos I have a home to go to, and a belly to fill ('cos I'm like MEGA-hungry!!).

    My own website, btw, is found at www.thelovebug.org. If the Guestbook section is working, then *please* leave me a message, otherwise keep going back until it is!!! <g>

    Cya folks :-)
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