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I've just had a really frustrating conversation with some people from work regarding charity donations. With the company we are now working for, we have the option to take part in Casual Dress Days, once or twice a month. If you opt to take part, you're asked to make a £1 donation which goes towards a specific charity or group of charities.

Tomorrow, the money is going towards Wallace and Grommit's Grand Appeal, which is helping the UK's childrens hospitals and hospices.

However, some people here are taking exception to being asked for more money for charity when they're already paying regularly (by Direct Debit) to certain charities. Ok, that's all well and good, but it was almost a case of "I'm not paying any more money to charities than I already do."

Two points:
  1. It's only £1.00. Over the year, that could be between £15 and £20... the cost of a meal out.
  2. "I've decided which company car I'm going for now. A BMW. It'll cost me a fair amount in additional contributions, but hey!"

I don't have a problem if people don't want to give too much money to charity, but I think the way that it was argued was pretty out of order.
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