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I've not updated properly since 6 July.

Two main reasons:
  1. Not around much at the weekends
  2. No longer have internet access at work, at least not until they sort out the pipe to Nottingham
I've also not have much of an opportunity to read other peoples journals. Caroline comes home in the evening and goes, "Did you see what so-and-so wrote on their journal?? I couldn't believe it, it was.... oh. You can't, can you."

I tell you, it's a pain in the posterior.

Busy social life at the moment... even went to Bingo tonight. Fantastic, would recommend it to anyone! :o)
Hectic at work... was two people down, now one person down. Trying to support and cover for the absent staff is causing me (and Jimmy) major headaches... literally! Oh well, it's calming down now.

I'm as tired as a very tired thing that has an extra special reason to be tired.
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