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Hi-ho, hi-ho, etc

Good morning people...

I know I've not posted much about real life recently. Work, as ever, is kinda taking over my life. But, the fact that work is good and I appear to be in the realms of managements 'trusted few' kinda makes up for most of the negative that happens. Having said that, the negatives are not with me, just with circumstance: like the hardware failure two weeks ago, and the server and desktop migration this weekend.

Since we migrated to Windows 2000, our in-house software has hit the roof in stability. I did find it rather amusing that although the department I work in specialised in data manipulation and selection, they gave us a build of Office 2000 with absolutely none of the wizards or import filters... so we couldn't perform any of the basic queries that we run on a daily basis!! Never mind though, I had a few tricks up my sleeve and solved the problem! :o)

This weekend is for me and Caroline only. The last two weekends have been marred (no pun intended) by work commitments, including 5-8 September when we were supposed to be on leave, and last weekends migration when we were supposed to be going up to Carolines parents. We did go away on the 7-8 September to spend 2 fantastic days with a very close friend, and Caroline did go up to her parents last weekend on her own. So this weekend is all about us and what we want, not work.

Right, I'd best off and be ready.

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