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7 days to view...

Just a quick recap on the last week...

Monday 22 September 2003
The start of another interesting week at work!! My laptop went gone up to Nottingham with one of my colleagues. I wasn't too happy about it, as it's one of the machines that I do pretty heavy data work on, so I had to make do with an inferior desktop machine.... until Thursday when my laptop came back!!

Got home after work, got out of the car and heard a hissing sound. Yep, posidrive screw right in the middle of the tyre tread. Called the RAC out, who (after having discovered that my spare was in fact a full size wheel, and not the spacesaver tyre that 206's usually have) changed it for me. I've only ever had a tyre go on me once before, and that was in the fast lane of the M25 between J25 and J26 at 75mph. I was a good driver that day, I can tell you.

Tuesday 23 September 2003
2 days till my laptop comes home. Took a couple hours out of work today for a doctors appointment.

First session of the Singing Workshop at East Berkshire College tonight. Fantastic! Really good fun :o) When Rupi joins us next week, she'll be really glad she joined up with us.

Wednesday 24 September 2003
1 day till my laptop comes home. Pretty uneventful workday, as it happens.

Went out this evening with Chris (my best man) to the Crooked Billet in Iver. He's a great chap, and we don't spend anywhere near as much time with him as we should.... as is actually the case with a lot of our friends. Especially considering the email I got on Friday (26th) from a very close friend that we haven't spoken to for over a year. :-\ Other (innocently placed) comments in one of my recent posts also pointed out that there are some other friends that we don't speak to/interact with/go and visit enough. I'm good at a lot of things (immodesty alert!) but my ability to keep in contact with people that I truly care about sucks royally.

Thursday 25 September 2003
Mmmm, lovely laptop. *drool*

Had to skip an important meeting today, to finalise the code on a half million record data extraction for one of our larger clients. This week has been a really busy time for me at work, and yet I only managed to fulfil about 6 orders. For a team that normally kicks out between 30 and 40 jobs a week, 6 jobs is pretty crappy for me... but they were exceptionally complex jobs.

I can't remember what day this actually happened on, so I'll put it here anyway! ;o) I had a chat with someone today at work, and it seems as though I'm wanted elsewhere in the business. I can't go into any detail, because I don't know anything for certain. The only thing I can say is that it will coincide quite nicely with me and Caroline moving up north! :o)

Friday 26 September 2003
Casual Day!!! :oD

Finally got the 500,000 record job out the door today. I tell you, it was a relief to see the courier speeding away on his motorbike with 2 CD-ROMs in his case. This job has caused me the biggest headache this week, and I'm just glad it's over!!

We got taken over by our current employers 3½ months ago... we got our new laptops a couple of weeks ago, and finally managed to get RAS (dialup networking) working today. Except there are a few fundamental things missing. I mean, yeah we can access our email, and intra/internet, but we cannot access our network or any of the networking applications. What on earth is the point of that?? They go to the expense of giving us smartcards, dialup access, laptops etc, but we can't actually do any work on them whilst out of the office!!! D'oh!

Saturday 27 September 2003
Today did NOT turn out as intended... but that's a good thing really :o) Today was supposed to be housework day, but we ended up spending half the day snuggled up in bed! We did get up, showered and dressed at about 16:00, purely to go to Safeway to get the Lottery tickets for the month! LOL We did do a bit of shopping, and get dinner from the local chippy :o)

Sunday 28 September 2003 - today
Today went far more to plan. Tidied up the bedroom, office, dining room and kitchen - we're both totally knackered now!

Had a call from Mum... she needs a chauffer, lunch and dinner next Saturday. I did ask her if there was anything else she needed, room at the Ritz, Concorde tickets, etc, but she said that would be enough!! :-P

Caroline cooked a really nice meal today... makes a change from the crap we've been eating over the last few weeks. Back on plan from today. Much needed, as I have put on a lot of weight recently. :-\

I'm now off to bed to carry on the snuggling that was so rudely interrupted by the Lottery yesterday!!

Will update soon.

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