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Spam, that isn't actually spam...

In 3 days and 8 hours, I have received no less than 246 bounce emails from AOL. Now I don't blame AOL at all, they're doing what they should do... by emailing me and telling me that the email I tried to send, couldn't be delivered as the mailbox doesn't exist.

The problem here though, is that I didn't send them!! But the person/system that did, addressed them from, and set the Reply-To to something@(my.domain). Examples of the something@ are...
  • gaeuzco1@...
  • vjkqfi@...
  • tavvel@...
  • 1mfmmyur@...
  • ndwvxpvsl@...

These are obviously randomly generated... I presume that it's a virus/worm that someone has ... (Oh look... there's another 2 just arrived!!) ... that the computer owner doesn't even realise they've got.

I've already emailed AOL abuse for advise, but I'm sorely tempted just to forward the 248 emails to them in one shot, and say, "Oi... AOL.... NAAAOOOOO!!!"

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