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A few voluntary endorsements...

Avant Browser
I've started using Avant Browser, instead of plain old Internet Explorer now. Although Avant uses IE as its browser component, the interface is (in my opinion) much more userfriendly.

(For those LJ2ME users that haven't already found out, there is a new version on the website, date 19 October)

LJ2ME is a LiveJournal client for Java 2 Micro Edition. It's well nice. If you have a mobile phone that supports Java, go try it! :o)

(The above link is the UK site, click here for the US site)

This site has saved my bacon once again... a while back, the stylus mechanism on my iPAQ went screwy, and Expansys came up with a DIY fix kit. Well, the battery in my iPAQ went down to having a life of about 15 minutes before going completely dead. So, I've just installed a 2Ah battery to replace the old 1Ah battery... thanks to a DIY fix kit from Expansys.

I'd really recommend them for anything mobile: PDAs, mobile phones, wireless networking, Bluetooth, etc.
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