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It is done!

I took my bike in to Stows to be serviced today, it needed a general going-over and two new innertubes. I also bought a set of lights for it, and a cycle computer that I bought from Marks & Spencer.

Anyway, I cycled home from Slough High Street (approx 1.9miles/3km - according to the RAC), and I am totally knackered. My legs are like jelly! LOL

But, despite the fact that I can't breathe nor walk at the moment, I'm in high spirits because I know that I'm going to keep doing this. Tomorrow, for example, Caroline is going to stay in and do yoga, and I'm going to cycle somewhere with my camera. I've got to be careful though, not to burn out with the (unaccustomed) exercise, and cycle in small steps - gradually increasing in distance over time.

I'll report back tomorrow, after my ride! :o)
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