The Love Bug (thelovebug) wrote,
The Love Bug

Update on me this time...

Well, following on from this morning's posting, I'm feeling much better, although I still have the gut-ache that usually accompanies every other ghastly symptom of a migraine!!

I do think the fresh air did me good though ;-)

Word of advice... don't get a migraine, they're pants! <g>

Apart from that, not much has happened today - spent the whole morning in bed, went out for a walk in the afternoon once the headache went down and spent the last hour or so chatting to my other half about the crappy day at work *she* has had and how she should've taken the day off also. Bless her... she ain't a well bunny :-(

That's it for now folks... later!

Thought: ALWAYS look after number one. That person is your best friend. Without that person... well, enough said.

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