The Love Bug (thelovebug) wrote,
The Love Bug

UK PhonePost'ing

Those of you who have been awake recently, will know of the new PhonePost feature in LiveJournal (for paid/permanent accounts only, I'm afraid). You may have also noticed that all the phone numbers for the service are in the US. Well, thanks to advice from a friendly person (I'll update with his name when I get home, 'cos I've forgotten), you can actually call the US from the UK for the cost of a national rate call.

To use the PhonePost service:
  • Go to the Post by Phone Settings page

  • Enter your phone number in full international format.
    (so if your number is 020 7123 4567, you'd enter 00442071234567)

  • Enter a 4-6 digit PIN to authenticate yourself when you call.
    (This should not be a PIN you already use elsewhere)

  • Click [Save]

  • Call the JustPhone international gateway number: 0870 794 0280

  • When the service answers, enter one of the PhonePost phone numbers, e.g.: 00 1 212 202 6708

  • When the nice American lady answers, enter your full international format phone number (as entered above), and press #

  • Then enter your PIN number, and press #

  • Then just follow the prompts from there! :o)

Enjoy! :o)

Crossposted to livejournal_uk
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