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The long weekend...

It's about time I did an update on the long weekend, but I'll break it down nicely into days :o)

Friday 12 December 2003
You may recall from my post on Thursday, that we had a small bit of a problem with our car. We took her into Platts of High Wycombe on Friday morning to be looked at. We got there at 08:15. At the same time as looking into the engine problem, we also asked them to check out a problem we were having with the Air Bag warning light, and also the passenger seat mechanism.

Well, it turned out to be a problem with one of the injectors that was causing the car to run like a total dog, but they replaced it for us. They also said that we would need a new set of runners for the passenger seat. They didn't have any runners in stock, so they booked the car in for this Thursday. Up to this point, because the car is still under warranty, nothing has cost anything.

I also wanted to book the car in for an intermediate service, as I'm not convinced that one service every 20,000 miles is good for a car. Anyway, they said why not let us do it now? I said "how long", they said "not long". So they did it. Then a nice man came out and told us about the Air Bag light (I'll say something about that later). He also said that there was about 500-1,000 miles left on the brake pads. I said "how long", they said "not long". So they replaced those too.

So, we arrived at Platts at 08:15, we left at approximately 12:15 (and £120 lighter!!)

Oh, and 3 miles down the road, the sodding Air Bag light starts blinking again!!!

Oh well, it was fun! :o)

In the afternoon, we went to Bluewater (the first time I've been there, the second time for Caroline) and spent about 6 hours shopping. Let me tell you, it nearly killed me!! Not to mention the amount of money we spent! But... we did manage to put an amazingly large dent in our Christmas shopping list, so it was worth it.

In the evening... one word. Flollop.

Saturday 13 December 2003
Long lay-in, not much to report.

Shopping in afternoon, meal at Harvester in the evening.

Sunday 14 December 2003
Watched 10 episodes of Prisoner: Cell Block H on DVD whilst wrapping pressies. I loved that programme, and I curse ITV for taking it out of the viewing schedules before the actual series finished.

Monday 15 December 2003 - Our 2 year wedding anniversary!
This year Caroline knew I was up to something, but she didn't know specifically what. This is what...

  • London Eye
    A midday flight on the British Airways London Eye (although it was about 11:40 when we got on board). Some cracking views!

  • Boat Trip to the Tate Modern
    A brief trip on the Thames to take us to the Tate Modern. Again, some really nice views.

  • The Tate Gallery of Modern Art
    A visit to the Tate Modern. Unfortunately, photography wasn't permitted in most of the gallery, but we did manage to get some pictures of the phenomenal Weather Project.

  • London Eye - 2nd trip
    Caroline suggested that we experience the London Eye at night (well, 17:30), her treat. Well, I was hardly going to say no, was I? Once again, some cracking views.

  • Tas Restaurant
    Tas Restaurant, a highly recommended Turkish restaurant in Borough High Street, SE1. We will definitely visit there again! Didn't take any photos, unfortunately - the food was that good! :o) However, here are a couple of awesome images from the Jubilee Gardens by the London Eye, and the (rather naff) Shell Electric Storm, as seen from the Eye itself.

[ click here for the complete gallery of pictures that I took on the day ]
[ carolines picture gallery will appear here when she's uploaded it! :o) ]
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