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Zen Internet...

This is an example of a company who care about their customers.

For those of you who don't know, we've been having real trouble getting ADSL reconnected at our house.

We cancelled with Easynet as they were too expensive - the ADSL service had been impeccable and virtually faultless, so that wasn't a reason for wanting to change suppliers. I issued a written cancellation to them on October 10, 2003. They acknowledged my cancellation, and confirmed that our account will be closed as of end-of-play November 9, 2003. Apparently it was. However, their service provisioning team aren't quite so on the ball, and they actually disconnected our service on January 14, 2004!!!! Ok, not bad... we get free DSL. No complaints. But when we wanted to move to another supplier (and get charged, admittedly), they just took ages to disconnect. At one point they were going to 'suspend' our service. I said no, we want to be fully disconnected. They did it eventually though.

Mind you, we still haven't received the refund of £114 - that being the unused portion of the quarter that we cancelled in. Ho hum.

BT Wholesale
So, we're at January 14, 2004. I ask Zen Internet to go ahead with our new DSL service. They come back and say that BT failed the request, quoting 'incompatible services' on the line. Zen told me that BT usually take five working days to action a disconnection request. Fair enough.

January 21, 2004 - we have confirmation that BT have indeed disconnected the Easynet DSL. So, I ask Zen to attempt connection again. they come back and say that BT failed the request, quoting 'line loss limit' (in English: Noise on the line). So, Zen attempt to raise the order manually, i.e. not through the automated systems. Same response. Zen talk to BT Wholesale and they suggest trying the request again. So, that's what Zen do - another automated and another manual order request. Still the same response. This has taken a couple of days now.

We're now at Friday January 30, 2004.

I spend half my day phoning people, including BT Residental (who, according to the Data Protection Act, can only discuss my line details with me, but don't know anything about data calls), BT Broadband (who tried to sell me ADSL, duh), BT Faults (who checked my line and confirmed that nothing was wrong).

I phone BT Broadband again, and this time got quite a helpful chap who suggested going to the BT Broadband website and clicking 'Have You Say'. BT Wholesale are not a customer-facing division of BT, but they're the only people who can tell me what is wrong. The 'Have Your Say' link is the only way that I can contact them.

So, I left them a nice long message saying how I've been arsed about (I didn't actually use that phrase, but I might as well have done) and I would like to know why, after 2 years of successful DSL, I can't have DSL. And also why, when I check on their availability website, my telephone number says no because I'm too far away from the exchange, but my postcode says yes you're within range! Our house is in a crescent, served by a single postcode, and our telegraph pole is in the middle of the crescent. I deduced from this that it was a line fault.

Tuesday February 2, I get a reply from BT Wholesale saying that the postcode checker is only 80-90% accurate. What the hell!??! But they're looking into the problem and will get back to me in a couple of days. I'm still waiting.

Zen Internet
Throughout this whole period, and more specifically today, these people have been absolutely wonderful. They have been really upfront with me, and not tried to fob me off. Today, they even called up to ask me how I was getting on with BT Wholesale! Bless them.

I have lots more to say about this, but if I do, I'll be leaving Caroline at the railway station, and I'm sure that if I don't turn up on time, she'll have lots to say about it!!!
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