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Rant of the Day - Road Rage...

"Hello everyone. My name is Dave, and I have Road Rage."

Not the kind of Road Rage where you jump out of your car with a baseball bat, and pulp the living rap out of the poor old lady who cut you up by mistake.

No. I'm referring to the kind of Road Rage caused by drivers on the road who simply have no respect whatsoever for other drivers.

Case in point:
This morning, I was driving to work through Slough. Anyone who knows Slough well, will know the bus lane that starts at the old Co-op (now Tesco) roundabout, down towards the Lascelles Road junction. This twit of a driver cut everyone up in the bus lane, driving on the inside of the queue of traffic, and pulled in very sharply behind me. The guy who was originally behind me (before the twit cut him up) let him know how much he didn't appreciate that particular manoeuvre. The twit then overtook me on the outside (at this point the road is only one lane wide), and then cut in in front of me. I then let him know how much I didn't appreciate that particular manoeuvre. He looked shocked! As if to say, "What did I do?" So, I told him... at length. Of course, all he could see was me moving my mouth and pointing at him. So he just overtook the bus that was originally in front of me, and zoomed off into the sunrise.

What a knobend.

Anyway, it's occurred to me that probably 90% of all Road Rage is caused by a lack of Road Respect from other drivers.


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