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My claim to fame...

Some of you may already know this, but for the benefit of those who don't:

I wrote (and performed) the very first theme tune to the Tandridge Talking Newspaper for the Blind - some 23 years ago, in 1981!!  I was on the front over of the Caterham News, with the following newspaper clipping:

Yeah, go on... have a laugh at my expense! :oP
I recently dug it out from between some old paperwork, and decided to write to the TTNB and see if they remember me or my tune:

My email to them:
Hi, my name is Dave Lee.  I wrote the original theme tune to the Tandridge Talking Newspaper for the Blind back in 1981.  I was wondering whether you still have a copy of the original theme tune in your archives, and whether it would be possible to obtain a copy of it.

I still have the original press cutting from the Caterham News in June (I believe) of 1981!!

Many thanks,
Anyhoo, this afternoon, I received a reply:
Hi Dave

Thank you for writing.  Yes we do have recordings of your original theme music, in fact we have a copy of the very first newspaper, introduced by Cliff Michelmore and Jean Metcalf, which features your music.  It went out on October 9th 1981.  The quality of recording is not good (we have improved greatly over the years!) and you can even hear the traffic outside, I believe it was recorded at St Lawrence's Hospital Horizon Radio Studio - we now have one in the basement of the Soper Hall.  I also have a cutting in the TN's scrapbook of the Caterham News for the launch, It features a photo of one of our listeners Hilda Costin and her guide dog under the headline "Blind hear news on tape".  If you have a cutting from a different paper I would be interested in having a copy for the scrap book.

Did you compose and play the tune?  was it the subject of a competition with the schools (we have had other incidental music provided that way).  We are only on our third Side one Intro.  After yours Richard Stilgoe (entertainer and lyric writer for Starlight Express and Phantom) composed one and a pupil from Oxted school composed our current theme. 

If you give me your address I will be happy to copy and send you a tape of that first edition.  If you still lkive locally you would be more than welcome to visit our studio in Caterham some time.

Thank you for writing.

Tony Skilbeck
Tandridge Lions Talking Newspaper
Woooo :o)

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