The Love Bug (thelovebug) wrote,
The Love Bug


I had a really good conversation at the weekend with stephaniewalker about the benefits of contact lenses over spectacles.

I've been wearing glasses (permanently) for over 8 years, although I got my first pair when I was still at school.  I've always found glasses awkward and uncomfortable - Caroline will tell you how frustrated I get if there is even a eyelash on oe of the lenses!

Anyway, I've kinda been pursuaded to give contact lenses another try.  I did have a consultancy about 7 years ago in Bexleyheath, but the consultant couldn't put the lens in my eye.  For some reason, my eye kept closing whenever the consultant brought his finger towards my eye.  He even said at the time that he'd never known eyelids as strong as mine.  (Maybe that was a come-on? *shrug*)

However, Steph said she had similar problems in trying to get the lens in her eye, so she suggested some eyelid exercises for me to do.  Don't laugh, it's deadly serious! :oP

So, once I've found out what my employers policy is on DSE and Eye Care, I'm going to get an eyetest and contact lens consultancy booked in.  Probably with Boots, as they have been highly recommended.

Oh, you like my new userpic?? :o)
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