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The weekend...

Well this weekend didn't quite turn out as I had originally expected, which is a good thing really, as I didn't have to work! :o)

It's a long story, so I shan't go into it, but let's just say that we didn't get a file we needed in time to be able to get this weekends update done. Believe me, I'm paying for it now, as work is a total nightmare (still)!

Anyhoo, this weekend...


After my long, 300 mile, round trip to Nottingham on the Thursday, I was exceptionally tired. However, Caroline wanted to go to someone's leaving do in Reading. Caroline already had the car, because I had a hire car to go to Nottingham. So she drove back to Langley to pick me up, and then I drove us back to Reading to 'see off' her colleague. We stayed there until gone 9pm, and we needed food, so we stopped off at Chili's on the Riverside for a rather nice meal.

We got home safely afterwards, and then just fell into bed. We'd missed Marco's eviction by this point, but we weren't too worried... that's what repeats are for! :o)


After a much needed lie-in, we got up and had breakfast. We got ready to go down to see Steph and Dave for the rest of the weekend, but then something came up which delayed us. We got down there at about 18:30. Dave made bangers and mash for dinner. Don't knock it... it was probably the best bangers and mash we'd ever had.

That bloke can cook!!

Watched a bit of telly, and then played poker for a couple of hours before going to bed.


A very busy day.

Sunday was the Race For Life in Brighton for Cancer Research UK. Caroline and Steph were in the race. Caroline jogged around in just under 44 minutes, and Steph walked around in approximately 55 minutes. Fantastic work by both of them. We (the Daves) are very proud of both of you! :o)

After we'd got back and the ladies had showered and changed, we were off again... to the Races! :o) Steph and Dave had got us all tickets for the Brighton Racecourse Fun Day. We missed the first race, but Caroline and Steph just made it in time for the second, whilst Dave and I found a parking space. As we joined the ladies, the second race was just about to finish. Caroline had put on a panic bet in the last few available minutes, and our horse came in! Class! :o)

We didn't have much luck on the next 3 races, but we put two bets on the last race... one on the favourite, and one on the one that Caroline liked the name of! About 3 minutes before the race was due to start, Caroline and I both looked at the race booklet, and were rather taken by another horse, whose odds had been hovering around the 7/1 mark. So Caroline quickly went and put £3 on it. Blow me down if that horse didn't win!! £24 on nothing more than an impulse bet! Overall, we made a few quid profit... but that's not why we were there. We were there to have fun! :o)

After the races, we went to the intriguingly-named 'Thai Elephant 2' in Telscombe. A very nice restaurant.

We noticed a very large rainbow looming whilst we were in the restaurant, and ended up taking a short detour so that we could take some pictures of it. I've never seen a rainbow that intense before.

Overall, it was a good weekend, with good friends. Thank you.

Here are some pictures from the weekend...

[ click here for the whole gallery ]
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