The Love Bug (thelovebug) wrote,
The Love Bug


As you may recall me mentioning, my webcam died a nasty death a few weeks ago. Since then I've been looking for a replacement...

I've not been that impressed by the choice of webcams currently available, as they're either mightily expensive, or mightily crap quality.

Anyway, someone rather special suggested using a PS2 EyeToy... something I'd already considered, but had been told that they're not compatible with PCs.

It turns out that someone with lots of time on their hands has tweaked a set of drivers for the EyeToy, and it does work on PCs with no trouble.

So, we ordered a couple... one arrived yesterday, the other arrives next week.

I installed the first one last night. Impressed? You bet! The image quality is fantastic!!! It's just a shame that the red and blue LEDs are so bright!

I'll post some images this evening.

So, the moral is: If you want a very good quality webcam, don't want to pay too much (it's only £29.99 on Amazon) and you're prepared to tweak driver settings if necessary, then the PS2 EyeToy is definitely recommended.

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