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The Love Bug

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Laundrette. Woot. [Aug. 29th, 2004|04:30 pm]
The Love Bug
I'd forgotten, until recently, that you could post to LiveJournal by email. Good job really, as my new phone won't allow me to connect to the net using my iPaq, even though it has a GPRS modem in it. Blah. At least I can email from it! :-) So, I'm at the laundrette in preparation for our little getaway this evening. Caroline and I are going away with stephaniewalker and grumpydave. The risks don't know what Dave and I have planned, and won't know until we get there. Good fun! :-) Looking forward to it... it'll be the first time that Caroline and I would have been away *on holiday* since we were married. Promises to be good! :-) More later...

[User Picture]From: oblivious
2004-08-29 09:23 pm (UTC)
The risks don't know what Dave and I have planned

Very risky girls them, hope you're on your guard ;)
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