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What a day...

Well, this will only be a brief update...

It's been a great day today... we got up really early this morning, I was up at 05:30, Caroline was up at 06:30. We left the house shortly after 08:00, and we got to Yorkshire at 11:30.

Then at 12:45 we headed over to see desi_derata, lestat75 and conphiekids, as it was young Connor's 1st birthday party today! :o)

The party itself was loud and tiring, but great fun!!

Tomorrow we're off to Ikea in Leeds to have a look at what we can't afford to buy! ;oD

Busy week planned, with the next three weekends totally booked up!
Our diaries don't have free time in them for long, you know... we be popular!

Yeh right!! :oP
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