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4 weeks...

It is now 4 weeks until the start of our 3rd anniversary holiday.

This one is Caroline's doing.

I organised our 1st anniversary (long weekend in Poole, which Caroline didn't know anything about), and our 2nd (trip to London: the London Eye, ate Modern and a nice Turkish restaurant), so Caroline decided that she was going to organise this one. I know where we're going and where we're staying, but I've told Caroline not o tell me about anything that she has planned.

We're going late on Friday 10 December evening down to Swanage, and we're staying there until Wednesday 15 December, which is our actual anniversary.

Needless to say, I'm really looking forward to it. I was last in Swanage/Purbeck about 20 years ago, and I remember that I enjoyed it then! :o)
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