The Love Bug (thelovebug) wrote,
The Love Bug

Jerry Springer - Teh Cr4p Musical...

I am seriously not impressed by this show.  I don't like musicals at the best of time, but this is just obscene.

I don't offend easily... and I'm not offended by the content, as such.  I'm more offended by the fact that people actually believe that this was a good show?!

Ok, I'll admit that the comic timing was pretty good, and the characters are very well played - especially Steve - but do we really need to know about a gay man f'ing someone up the arse?  Or about a man who likes s'ing in his nappy?

Please... where the hell is the entertainment value in that?  You wouldn't even see that kinda stuff on the TV show!!


I'm off to watch Minority Report on Sky Movies 1.  Anyone wanna join me?
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