The Love Bug (thelovebug) wrote,
The Love Bug

[poll] Poll results...

On Monday, I posted a poll asking you to tell me what the first thing was that struck you about me.

Here are the results...

"Your camera" - 2 people
It surprised me that more people didn't say that, actually.

"Rosy cheeks" - 1 person
Heh, never really considered that, to be honest. However, I've never met the person who said this in real life, so I'm guessing that she went from pictures of me with my sensitive skin! :oP

"Your smile" - 2 people
Now then, the two people who said this have both told me in the past that I don't smile... but even Caroline has said that when I do smile, I have a nice one... so I suppose that's where that came from

"Your honesty" - 1 person
This was the only answer that I got that didn't refer to something visual. Also, this answer was given by a bloke. Understandably, I was quite awed by that response.

"Your glasses" - 2 people
Heh, I thought people would come out with this one. Although one person thought that I was actually looking for that specific answer. In truth, I wasn't... but I did expect it to be mentioned! :o)

"Your Pocket PC" - 1 person
Interestingly enough, the person who said this then changed their mind and said "Your glasses", so this doesn't really count... but I thought it deserved a special mention.

Interestingly enough, no-one mentioned the item that my colleague always included in his pictures of me... which was my necklace. The one that I have one half of, and Caroline has the other! :o)

Thank you to everyone who took part!!

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