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Lenses - update...

Well, I've now had my new continuous-wear lenses in for nearly 3 hours, and I feel fine. I mean, I certainly know that they are there, as I can feel them much more than I could feel my daytime lenses.

I'm on a limited-wear programme at the moment: daytime wear only, maximum of 10 hours a day, for 14 days. Then I go back for a check-up.

The amazing thing about it is that so far Boots haven't asked for any money from me. They say that they won't ask for money until suitability has been determined after the 14 days. I was quite impressed by that.

After 3 hours wear with my old lenses, I would now be feeling like something was pulling on my eyes, like the lenses were sucking at them.

So, for me to not be feeling that at the moment is a substantial improvement. I just hope my eyes are suited for them. :o)
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