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A good servicing...

So yes, here I am again... sitting in Platt's showroom, waiting for the car to be serviced/MOT'd/tweaked. I'm here for the next 3.5 hours whilst they prod around under her hood.

Oo-er missus.

We're off up to see my Mum (et al) this afternoon, then up to see Caroline's parents tomorrow, so it'll be a good opportunity to blow the cobwebs away... something I've not been able to do for a while, as the car has been a tad sluggish of late.

I've also opted for a Forte Gas Treatment, which essentially cleans the fuel system from the tank to the catalytic converter. I suppose it's a bit like Redex, but better? Has anyone had any experience with Forte?

Right. Breakfast. There's a nice place over the road that does a fantastic fried egg buttie... so I think that deserves a visit.

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