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Contact Lenses - update...

Well, I've now been wearing my new continuous-wear lenses for 9 days... although daytime only, I have to take them out at night.

So far, it's been good... no real problems, although there are times when I really know I'm wearing them.

Like right now.

I'm sitting here, in an air-conditioned office, the air is very dry, and so are my eyes. I usually go outside for 5 minutes to rehydrate my eyes, and then I'm ok for another couple of hours.

Outside of the work environment, everything is great... crystal clear! :o)

I'm really looking forward to Tuesday 29 March, when I have my next eye-check. I then get the opportunity to wear the lenses for a whole 24 hours before going back for another eye-check. It is then when I find out whether these lenses are suitable for me or not, and I can cancel my existing Contact Lens plan with D&A.
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