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Appointment, and then disappointment...

Yeah, the man from Del Boots... he say no.

I cannot wear continuous-wear lenses... at least not continuously. Apparently, there are a number of dry spots on my right eye.

Gutted, to say the least.

However, I am still going ahead with the continuous-wear lenses, for all-day use only. The reasons for this? Well, they're cheaper than the ones I get from D&A, and they're a lot more comfortable than the ones I get from D&A.

So, bye-bye D&A.

I'm not that upset about the result from Boots, at least I can wear the lenses all day without fear of my eyes popping out, or anything like that. It's certainly better than I had... with my D&A lenses, I'd probably wear them about 8 days in any given month. Which is a waste, really. Because these new ones are so easy to pop in, I'll most likely be wearing these ones everyday. Which is not a waste, really.


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