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Ah, Monday. I've been expecting you...

Indeed, it is Monday... meaning another weekend has passed us by. And what a weekend it was...

On Saturday, I treated Caroline to a pampering day at a beauty salon in Hillingdon. Whilst she was there, I did geeky stuff[1]. After I picked her up, we went to Craft Central at Flowerland Garden Centre in Iver, so that Caroline could look at some craft supplies. In the evening, I did some more geeky stuff[1], whilst Caroline made some cards with her new stuff. When I finished geeky stuff[1], I went to bed and found that Caroline had made me a 'thank you' card. Bless :o)

On Sunday, we were supposed to be going to visit a good friend in Suffolk, but because I had a really restless night coughing and spluttering (to the point where I had to sleep downstairs on the couch to avoid keeping Caroline awake all night) I felt really crappy on Sunday morning. So after catching up on sleep, and between watching films, I did even more geeky stuff[1].

Leo, we're really sorry for having to blow you out on Sunday. :o(

And now, it's Monday... had some interesting news about one of my colleague-friends, which could subsequently turn into some interesting news for me. Can't say any more about that at this stage.

Still feel relatively crappy, had another restless night last night. I just hope things get better as the week progresses. I've got a night-out with my aforementioned colleague-friend on Saturday, so hopefully the alcohol will chase out the crappiness I'm feeling (although to be replaced by a different kind of crappiness! LOL)

Onwards and upwards...

[1] geeky stuff:
With the rise of photoblogging on the net at the moment, I made the decision to write my own, as I wasn't too impressed with the tools readily available. So, I'm 80% of the way to completing my own photoblog, and I'm well impressed with it so far. Just got commenting to implement, and it's sorted. I even wrote my own RSS2.0 feed! Why write my own? Simply to see if I can! :o)
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