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In other news...

Geek stuff
I got a parcel today with loads of geeky bits I ordered.

In a nutshell, we've now got:
  • wireless - although I need a bit of help from my tech support, grumpydave, to iron out some kinks
  • NAS - well not really, a little device that turns a USB2.0 drive into network storage
  • DVD Rewriter - finally! It's about time we got a CD/DVD writer, as everyone else seems to have one!!

Coming up...
We're off to London tomorrow, moosical has a couple of exams, so we're staying overnight in the city. We're also meeting up with grumpydave for lunch too, hopefully.

Then, on Friday we're off on our jollies with stephaniewalker and grumpydave :o)

The last time I mentioned grumpydave so many times in the same post, was when I was hinting to him that he should get himself a LiveJournal... here! :o)

Edit: Oh, and here too, it seems! :o)
Edit: Heh, and here!!!!! LOL
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