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Hewwo :-)

Moo, the cynical person that she is, was evidently a bit dubious about me updating this morning. Well ner to her! :-P


Anyway, as she quite rightly said in her post, we are off to Sheffield this morning to meet up with Steph and Steve, but what we do after we actually meet up is still a subject for discussion! :-)

I tell you something, I am totally knackered. This week at work has proven to me how much I can actually do in the space of a week. I won't say that I reached my stress limit, 'cos I think - all things considered - that the week actually went quite smoothly. However, I don't think I've ever been so tired as I was this morning. I just didn't want to get up. I mean, yes, I do have problems getting up in the morning at the best of times (I love my bed, you see! <g>) but this morning was just such an effort. However, this week at work has had it's share of hassle and casualty... lack of staff (self-inflicted), shouting at staff (justified, but still wrong), etc. But, at the end of it all, no-one bears grudges towards anyone as a result of it, and we all emerged unscathed.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank my staff: Guy, Justin, (little) Paul, Jovy (off sick 3 days) for their help and support in getting through what was an exceptionally exceptional week! <g> :-)

I met with my (soon-to-be-new) boss again yesterday, and had a good chat about some of the changes that will be coming up in the future. During our conversation, I think I managed to get my job title changed :-))) So instead of being Order Processing Manager (a little non-descript, inaccurate, and externally unimpressive), I should hopefully become Operations Manager (industry recognised, accurate, damn cool! <s>) :-)

Anyhow, as we're leaving here in about 10 minutes, I'd better get off this computer before Moo comes up the stairs and has a go at me! Oops, too late!!!!

Laters :-)

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