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Man cannot live on bread alone...

... but you can have a bloody good go!! :o)

Before we went on holiday last week, Caroline and I bought a breadmaker.  This is something that I've wanted for some time, having had use of one a number of years back.

We brought it home and tried it, and I'll tell you now, I've never had a loaf of bread as good as this one.  (Note for stephaniewalker: Yes, I know... but this was before the rosemary and garlic bread!)

I didn't realise that a breadmaker that only cost £29.97 could produce such a fantastic loaf of bread.  However, there was obviously a trade-off, because when I went to make a second loaf I discovered that the bread maker had expired.  It was an ex-breadmaker.  Now I noticed that it had switched itself off when I'd made the first loaf... now I realise that it hadn't switched off, it had died.

So, I took it back to Asda this afternoon and got a replacement.  I've just made another fantastic-smelling loaf (well, I haven't tasted it yet!), and guess what... it was still working! :o)

So, I will be able to make a second loaf... and hopefully a lot more after that! :o)
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