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It's been exactly a week since my last post! Erk!

I'm off to bed, but a quick update....

  • Me and Moo got new mobiles - Nokia 7110e
  • My old man was on telly this evening, programme was "Raw Spice" which basically told the "truth" about the Spice Girls. It wasn't all the truth though, 'cos my Dad had a lot more involvement than the programme showed. I wasn't happy when I saw it.
  • Month/Quarter/Year End at work.... gonna be a busy fortnight
  • Off to see Moo this weekend, and I can't wait!!! :-)
  • My iPAQ is still at Compaq... waiting to be fixed. I tell you, I just can't function properly without it!!! (Besides which, I wanna try and log onto the net with it on my new Nokia! <g>)
  • Oh, what a sad life I live! LOL

Anyway, I'm off to bed before I fall asleep at the keyboard.
I did that once before, and it was rather embarrlas;jd\GBNH

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