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Yes indeed... we are off the net, as moosical said last night. Our broadband router has gone tits-up.

Our network setup is thus:
  • broadband router/modem - my PC, Caroline's PC, Linux server, Wireless router
  • wireless router - laptop, work laptop (wired though, not wireless)
I was messing around with the wireless router, trying to get the PCs on the broadband router to talk to the PCs on the wireless router (which may not even be possible, but hey)... and the broadband router hiccupped - no idea why as I wasn't even working on that one. I rebooted the broadband router, and it won't even boot up.

The broadband router/modem was only a cheapo thing, DABSValue to be exact, so I just bought another of the same. It's a newer model, which looks a lot nicer than its predecessor.

It isn't going to arrive until Wednesday, so we're off the net until then... except through work.

Bah, bottom-biscuits.

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