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My people skills are pretty good, as a number of people have told me.

I do, however, have a number of weaknesses in that area...

  • My first weakness is talking over people when they're already talking to me. I do it to Caroline a lot, and I know it annoys her. Although mostly when I do it, it's time-relevant... so waiting until the other person has finished talking would mean that the moment would have passed, and what I had to say wouldn't have made sense.

  • My second weakness is answering questions, even when they're not being asked of me, mainly because I know the answer to the question. This is a subconscious response in most cases, as I'm usually busy concentrating doing something at the time, so I don't actually realise I've done it until after it's done... if that makes sense!

  • My third weakness is my tendency to become harsh towards people when they don't understand what I'm trying to tell them. In the past, I've run training courses, and I'd become very tolerant towards people who weren't on the same technical level as me, to the point of annoying techies when I spoke in layman's terms! But, having not run any training courses recently, I've started to become intolerant of the layman again.
In all of the above cases, I don't do it on purpose... it's just something I have to learn to curb.

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