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You can hear it...

... from miles away.

The roar of the oversized exhaust...
The ear-rattling boom of subwoofer...
The rush of air, as it moves to one side...

... to allow a crappy little Honda Civic get through.

It has rusty panels, very badly tinted windows, red LED sidelights, badly fitted bodyskirts, and a spotty pimplehead in the driving seat.

I seems to me as though the effort made to make cars look impressive is down to the add-ons glued on to the outside, rather than improving the look of the car itself. I personally think that a car that has been looked after, and has a decent shine on in, and maybe a couple of cosmetic enhancements, looks much better than a car that has bootloads of extras and is 25% rust!!

I also don't appreciate illegal cosmetic additions to cars to make them look impressive. Examples are number plates that are either incorrectly spaced or in an illegal typeface, front fog lights that appear to be hardwired to the battery with no 'off' switch, underbody lighting (I mean, please!), sidelight bulbs that have been replaced with coloured LEDs, and rear spoilers that look as though they've been designed by Boeing.

Don't they realise that their car looks bloody pathetic?! People who stare at them open-mouthed are not thinking, "Wow, what a fantastic looking car!"... they're thinking "What the f..."

But obviously no-one has told them.

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