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Fuel shortage...

Maybe I'm over-simplifying this... but isn't it the "mad rush of people topping up on petrol and diesel earlier than they normally would do, and filling up endless petrol cans, because they think there's going to be a fuel shortage"... causing a fuel shortage?

I've just got back home from Nottingham, and almost every petrol station I went past is either closed, or backed up for about half a mile in queues!

I'm now in an awkward situation where my car is now running on fumes, and I have a heavily pregnant wife who may need to go to hospital at a moments notice.  I've also got to fill up my hire car before I send it back... otherwise my company will be charged something stupid like £1.20 a litre, by the hire company, to fill it on my behalf.

Stop me if I'm on the wrong track here, but there was never any real danger of a fuel shortage until people started being selfish and thinking of themselves!

As someone pointed out in this BBC News article.
"We certainly will face shortages now unless everyone stops trying to squeeze every drop of petrol into their tanks and jerry cans."
Nice going(!)
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