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I’m experimenting with Ubuntu at the moment, before I use it to replace Windows 2000 on my main PC.

Has anyone had any experience with Ubuntu? I’m personally finding it a really nice piece of kit.

My only minor concern is my Smartphone, which doesn’t seem to have any Linux sync software available for it. There’s a really nice Outlook replacement, called Evolution, but unless I can sync my phone with it, I’m kinda stuck. The only way around it, is to keep a small, low-spec, PC running Windows, just for my phone... oh, and our photo printer! :o)

Other than that, there’s nothing that I run that doesn’t have an equivalent under Ubuntu. I even get to keep MSN Messenger (thanks to aMSN!)

I’m probably going to swap the hard drives between this crappy PC and my main PC, use my current installation of Windows on this crappy PC, and reinstall Ubuntu from scratch on my main PC.

I’m looking forward to this! :o)

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