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Warning: Orange scam...

You know when you miss a call that didn't actually come through to your phone (i.e. it was off or out of range), Orange send you a text message that goes something like this: "You have a missed call: this person/number called at hh:mm on dd/mm but left no message." ?

I got one today from the following number: +447005113859

I called it from my work landline, as I didn't want to risk calling this number from my own mobile.  A recorded message answered, stating "I'm sorry, but we didn't recognise the number you are calling from.  Please enter your number and press the hash key."  I entered my mobile number, and got the same message.

I then realised that I'd been scammed.  I've informed Orange about it, but they weren't really that helpful with the fact that I was reporting a scam to them!

I checked with BT for the charge band relating to the code 07005, which is a Personal Number under the charge band pn2.  Calls to this number are charged at 50p/min at all times.

So you're getting charged 50p/min to enter your number repeatedly into an automated service that is there purely for that purpose.

The moral is: if you get a Missed Call Alert from Orange (or any provider for that matter) and you don't recognise the number, don't call it back.  If it's important, they'll call you again!

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