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Just thought I'd say hello... it's been a while since I updated. I might do a voicepost this evening for fun... once I get Gizmo working with Voiceposting!

Caroline and Amy are up in Yorkshire with the outlaws at the moment, and besides Caroline being home on Monday night, I'm not going to see them again until Saturday. I don't think I could convey how quiet the house is at the moment. Probably the reason why I'm still at work!

I watched The Breakfast Club on Sky the other night, and have come to the following conclusion: Ally Sheedy has got to be one of the sexiest women on the silver screen. Not just for her gorgeous smile, but also her quirky accent!

In other news, someone I know deleted their journal a short while back. I thought nothing of it as they hadn't posted in months anyway. Now I discover that they didn't delete it, but renamed it, keeping only a select few people on as friends. Whilst I'll never question anyone's decision for doing whatever they want with their own journal, I can't help but feel a little stung that I - along with a number of other people whom I would have expected to have been kept - hadn't been added back.

On a lighter note, Amy got a letter yesterday morning. It's the first social letter she has ever received, and it was from little Sophie! I couldn't help but fill up when I read it, it was so sweet. Thank you Sophie, from Amy and Amy's mummy and daddy! :o)

I need sleep... and my wife and daughter.
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