The Love Bug (thelovebug) wrote,
The Love Bug

Head explodes with pride...

Forgot to mention last night...

After we finally started on our journey again, we stopped about 15 minutes later at Woodall Services to feed Amy.

When we arrived at the services, we went straight to the seating area, and both Caroline and I took comfort stops. Whilst we were waiting for Caroline to get back, I held Amy and we looked around the place - just standing on the spot, but gently turning around. Whilst we were doing this, I alternated between saying, "Where's Mummy?" and kissing Amy on the side of her face. She seemed to 23 happy enough, and actually appeared to be looking for Caroline. When she finally appeared, Amy did a classic double-take, as she was in the process of looking past where Caroline was, and then give a wonderful smile! :o)

Anyway, long story short... as we were preparing to leave, a woman came up to us, said "Excuse me," and then proceeded to tell us how much Amy appeared to enjoy it when we were waiting for Caroline to get back!

I was so chuffed, I can't tell you! :o)

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