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A new week, a new routine...

Herein starts a new routine. I'm not going to bed early, with a need to leave at 6am to travel down south for the week. Instead, we'll be going to bed shortly with a view to leave just before 7am, and then come home again tomorrow evening. I can now start viewing this place as home, as it's where I'll be coming home to each night.

Also homewise, we now have a new front door, and the new patio doors will be fitted next weekend. We have a new carpet and rug in the living room, and they're just gorgeous! We have a new fence and driveway going in on Thursday (I think), so I can stop showering the other side of the road with small stones when I wheelspin on our existing driveway!!

Techwise, I've rebuilt my laptop as previously mentioned (for the record, Ubuntu blows Windows off the map!!), and secured work from two friends to design and host websites for them.

Healthwise, both Caroline and I are taking steps (no pun intended) to improve our general health and fitness, but more about that at a later date.

Friendswise, we managed to piss off a couple of our friends (and their kids) without meaning to, to the point where it might be difficult to arrange to see them again... and that sucks big ones.

Barnetwise, I finally managed to get my hair cut!

That's it, I'm off to sleep.
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