The Love Bug (thelovebug) wrote,
The Love Bug


Amy Update...
My little angel has been a bit unsettled in the last few days. She's been tired throughout almost the whole day... I can only put that down to the heat, and a natural defence mechanism to the discomfort of teething. Trouble is, she's almost impossible to get to sleep, but at least once she does, she's out for a while. She stayed with her grandparents last night, to avoid the fumes of the paint in her room... See here for the bright walls!! :o)

Car Update...
My poor car is in the shop again. I took her to Matthewman's on Saturday to get them to find out what was causing the whining noise whilst driving. I guessed that it was the rear wheel bearings as the noise held with the speed of the car, not the speed of the engine. Turned out I was right. They also found a problem with the suspension, which I had also suspected for a while, and I'm having to get both the front shock absorbers replaced. This car had better drive like a dream when I get it back... else there'll be trouble!!!

Geek Update...
I'm well chuffed with myself... I installed Ubuntu Linux on my laptop last weekend, but have been unable to get MP3s to play back on it. I found out last night that it's because they weren't included by default in the distribution. This is for legal reasons, and they wouldn't want to install proprietory code universally in a location where such activity was illegal. Sounds a bit daft, but does make sense really. Anyway, I got it working last night using a piece of software called Amarok, which is a kinda iTunes equivalent, but with some really cool features! :o)
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