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The weekend...

This is a very quick run-down on the weekend... I'll post in more detail tomorrow.

Both moosical and I had Friday off, so we spent most of the day with just us and Amy. In the afternoon Caroline and I headed to the Sheffield Hilton for the first ever official BBgossip meetup, to meet loads of other BBgossipers and watch the live Big Brother final on a large plasma screen! We stayed overnight at the Hilton, and after breakfast headed to Meadowhall for some stuff.

On Saturday afternoon, we all ent to Conisbrough Library to register, and then to Asda to do some shopping. Spent the rest of the day - just the three of us - alternating between taking it easy and housework.

Today has been mostly a repeat of yesterday evening, mostly taking it easy, but also doing washing and other housework.

It's been a great weekend, made that way by a large number of people - including a fab bunch that I'd never met before - and my lovely wife and daughter.

And now? Well, after the BB Reunion show on C4, it's bedtime.
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