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It's my birthday...

... and I'll post if I want to! :o)

Thank you to everyone who sent their birthday wishes via SMS and LiveJournal today. There are so many of you, I wouldn't know where to start listing!!

I got cards from Caroline, Amy, Caroline's parents, my Aunt, my Mum & Family, my Dad and Family, my Sister and Family, my other Aunt and Uncle, novemberbug and cheekyjim, stephaniewalker and grumpydave, pat57, my work colleagues

I got loads of pressies too...

from Caroline: Complete Dangermouse DVD Boxset, Belkin USB Tetrahub, half an MP3 player
from Amy: Aromatherapy Candles, River Island necklaces and bracelets
from my Mum & Family: QE2 Vouchers
from my Dad & Family: QE2 Vouchers
from my Aunt: QE2 Vouchers
from Steph & Dave: 3 (yes, three) Fleetwood Mac CD's, Lush bath ballistic and soap
from Caroline's parents: QE2 Vouchers (which I've spent on some Lush stuff and a couple of books)

It's been a fantastic day, and I thank all of you for being a part of it! :o)

Oh, and in case you're wondering... 34. *chuckle*
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