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The Love Bug

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Amy - oil on canvas... [Dec. 15th, 2006|02:26 pm]
The Love Bug
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Some of you may remember that stephaniewalker has taken a fair number of photographs of Amy in the last year or so. The following is one of the photographs that she took.

Amy - photo by stephaniewalker

Well, we commissioned andabusers to produce a painting based on this photogaph.

And this was the result...

Amy - oil on canvas by andabusers

Ain't that something?! Thank you Hannah, it's fantastic!!

(click on the images for larger versions)

[User Picture]From: nita_01nita
2006-12-15 03:14 pm (UTC)
As I've just posted in Caroline's journal, what a fantastic keepsake for you :)
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