The Love Bug (thelovebug) wrote,
The Love Bug

Wake Up To Wogan...

The man you saw on the A6514 Nottingham Ring Road at 08:27 this morning, with tears streaming down his face...

... was me.

For those of you who don't know... Terry Wogan's show - Wake Up To Wogan on Radio 2 (0730-0930 weekdays) - alternates between 3 news/traffic bods: Fran Godfrey, Alan "voice of the balls" Deadlycoat and John "Boggy" Marsh. Terry's interaction with these people are, for me, what makes this show so funny. John Marsh is the newsbod for this week. For Children In Need, Radio 2 produced a CD of "Janet and John" stories... but based on John Marsh and his wife Janet, not the kiddies favourite. The difference here being that these stories are somewhat ruder than the originals.

This morning's story, "John Goes Out To Lunch", saw John going to a local burger bar and discussing Eurovision with the woman behind the counter. The upshot of the story (unfortunately, it was so funny that I can't actually remember most of it) was that the takeaway lady took John out the back and said that she liked the Greek entry - obviously you had to listen to it yourself to grasp the full meaning behind it - and I was literally sitting there in my little car with tears running down my cheeks. I only hope that some of the other drivers were listening to it too, so they might understand!

What made this morning's story so funny, was that although you can usually tell where the story is headed (so you kinda build up to the punchline), you couldn't tell where this one was going until right at the last minute... so the laughter was far more explosive! :o)

Yeah, you really had to be there.

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